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Bringing a Fantasy Christmas to Life

Christmas is such a magical time of year and for everyone there is a Christmas ideal.  Your fantasy Christmas might include a perfect traditional tree and stockings by the fireplace, a modern sleek metallic Christmas dream or a fanciful world full of magical Christmas Fairy’s. Whatever your ideal, pick a theme and stick to it.  The key is to decide what is important to you and continue to build on that idea year after year. I always like to start Christmas traditions with a collection of some kind whether it be a collectible ornament series or a theme like Christmas Fairies.  This way each year you can add to your collection and let the colors or textiles add a fresh touch of inspiration to that year’s decor.  A collection also adds continuity and can be used through the home to make the... Read More

Mark Roberts Fancy Wine Bottle Bags

Link to Mark Roberts Fancy Wine Bottle Bags One way to Celebrate the Magic of Christmas is with Mark Roberts fabulously festive wine bottle bags…all dressed up in the most recent Fairy costumes! This clever design wraps up your gift of wine and can also serves as a perfect holiday table decoration. Place the cover over any wine bottle and behold a fanciful fairy decoration! Visit our Holiday Store to see this seasons whimsical limited edition Mark Roberts wine bottle... Read More